The 3D Scenes
Procedural Engine

Sceelix, Create and Manage your 3D Scenes Smartly

Faster, more Scalable and Consistent

Using Procedural Content Generation technology you can create large scenes faster and in a more consistent way, making them less error prone.

All-in-one visual language

Concise and easy to use graph based language, that allows you intuitively create your buildings, vegetation, lights, textures, interactions…

Integration with Game Engines

Have your scenes appear seamlessly in Unity3D with all its properties and semantics. Enjoy live refresh of your project inside Unity3D.

Create, Share & Reuse

Increase productivity by reusing elements and functionalities that you or others have created.

What Sceelix is Capable Of

Large, Scalable Generation Create large environments with ease.
Natural Environments Recreate patterns and variations effortlessly
Unlimited World Variations Deliver a different experience every time
Import Assets Import assets from your favorite tools
Lighting Handle the lighting of your scenes
Street networks Create different street layouts
Visual Designer Easy to manage and less error prone
Physics, Properties and other Behaviors Much more than just geometry!
Closed, Interior Spaces Sceelix handles any kind of scenario!
Detailed Designs The limit is your imagination
Interactions and Animations Full-featured scene generation

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