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A message from Sceelix’s founders:

First off, welcome and thank you for all the interest everyone has shown these past months!
Let’s answer a few questions.

Note: This software is not yet in its complete form. It is in a beta stage and therefore designated as Early Access.


Why Early Access?

We chose this Early Access approach because we need support and feedback from the game development community to make Sceelix the best that it can be, keeping development in the right path and focusing on what the community really wants. Sceelix’s success depends on your collaboration. We’re excited to get it going! 🙂


What can you expect?

At this stage the documentation is still limited, and that’s why we have developed examples showcasing Sceelix’s capabilities. We’ll be updating these sections in the upcoming weeks. Any questions you might have can be asked and addressed in our Answers section.

We also have a forum where anyone can discuss all things Sceelix: problems or bugs you come across, share your own plugins and nodes, or show-off your projects.

Although everything that we have showcased was done with Sceelix, some features still need to be streamlined like the textures, voxels and dungeons nodes. Of course these points could always be tackled by anyone through our API.

When you buy Early Access you are buying not only the beta versions but also versions 1.x.

We might eventually raise the price of this early access so, if you plan to buy it, do it as soon as possible! 😉


What’s the plan?

We plan to release frequent updates, optimising Sceelix’s engine, removing any bugs that might be found and work on new functionalities. We expect to release the full version between the 3rd and 4th quarter of this year.

Sceelix founders,
Francisco R Andrade, Pedro Silva & André Cardoso


Already got Sceelix? You can download the latest version of Sceelix here. Please choose the version that fits your system:

Windows 32bit  Windows 64bit  Mac OS  
Linux (Ubuntu, Debian)  Linux (RedHat, CentOS, Fedora, SUSE)

(or, you can download a portable or previous versions here)